Polycaprolactones for industrial coatings, urethane synthesis, thermoplastics and adhesives.

Bulk chemical_services_logo Bulk Chemical Services

Supplying wet state bactericides for preservation of coatings and adhesives.

ace_logo Ace Plastics, Inc

Custom compounding, Polyethylenes, EVA, EMA, EnBA, Polypropylene

urespec-logo Urespec

Specialty metal catalysts; focusing on Mercury and Tin replacements in Urethane Elastomers

habbco_logo Habbco Industries, Inc

Formulated Coatings, Adhesives and Flame Retardant Systems

solv_logo Solv Inc.

Aquesize water repellents for paper coatings, textiles, fabrics, and industrial coatings; Degree release coatings for PSA tapes and laminates. Specialty acrylics.

header_chase_logo  Chase Corporation

Intermediates and water-based polyurethane dispersions, solvent based urethanes, prepolymers and moisture cure urethanes.


Manufacturer of specialty water-based acrylics for coatings and adhesives.